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Turnstyle Gates

Turnstyles are gates that are frequently used at sports grounds, train stations and are very useful to control crowd congestion

Tracked Sliding Gates

JPK's high grade sliding gate system offers security, durability and safety when it comes to protecting your premises. The sliding system minimises opening clearance as it slides neatly behind the adjoining fence. This system is suitable for heavy duty applications, and will provide long life service with a minimum of maintenance. The solid track upon which the gate runs only protrudes 10 – 15mm above the finished road surface. The automated sliding gate can give 24 hour authorised access through key code panels, remote key fobs etc eliminiating the need for security personnell reducing costs to businesses. All our tracked gates have long term corrosion protection, comply with current safety requirements and come complete with fail safe buffers and photo-cells if required. This system can be operated manually or it can be automated. All of our gates are hot-dipped galvanised to EN ISO 1461 with the option of powder coating in a wide variety of colours.

Single & Double Leaf Gates

Our single and double leaf gate systems are a simple effective option that allows easy authorised access and high security from intruders. Available in many different heights and spans to ensure compatibility and customer satisfaction. The gate leafs are hinged with an anti lift off configuration and are fully supported by the hanging posts eliminating the need for jockey wheels. All of our gates are hot-dipped galvanised to EN ISO 1461 with the option of powder coating in a wide variety of colours.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

High quality, secure, tough and durable, designed for strength and reliability, the JPK Cantilever Gate is the ideal solution for providing security and traffic control to industrial, commercial and residential properties. If space is an issue or the entrance is on a steep incline, the JPK Cantilever Gates retracts to one side eliminating swing space and also maintains an unspoiled access way into the premises thanks to its trackless design. The gates cannot be blocked by dirt, leaves or snow, are quieter than tracked gates and suffer reduced wear and tear. More importantly our Cantilever gates conform to the current EU Legislation to ensure safe passage of all vehicles and personnell.


Our gate systems can be automated to suit the clients needs be it sliding gates, double leaf gates or single leaf gates. Each system can operate with a smooth, consistent, quite motion during opening and closing as well as locking and unlocking. The gate systems can be activated using a key fob, access code and internal switch for personnel entry and a hidden pressure loop for convenient exiting. All of our automated gates can be fitted with infrared sensors and leading edges to prevent the gates from closing against any persons, objects or vehicles preventing any harm.

Automatic Barriers

The heavy duty automatic drop bar system allows for the easy management of entering and exiting traffic. With its aluminium boom to maintain high opening speeds for spans up to 6m.