JPK Fencing Systems are one of Ireland’s leading commercial and industrial steel fencing contractors in Ireland. From concept to design, we work with some of the largest architectural and construction companies, delivering solutions that best fit their requirements. In the vast majority of fencing solutions, there is a requirement for galvanised products, to meet this requirement Shannonside Galvanising provide an important ongoing service to JPK

JPK Fencing Systems work to very tight deadlines and we work in an environment where the quality of our product and the quality of our work is critical. We also work in an extremely price sensitive market, where materials or time wastage cannot be tolerated. We rely on Shannonside Galvanising to continue to provide a very high level of quality & service, we rely on them to be proactive and to address any issues that we have in a competent and professional manner.

JPK Fencing Systems have built a very solid working relationship with Shannonside Galvanising and see them as an important part of our overall service offering.