All of the powder coating is done at our manufacturing plant and available to almost all of our products. Each client may require a specific colour of powder coating on the chosen product which can be picked from our RAL colour chart below.


Longer life span than paint

Flexibility (can bend without cracking)

Eliminates sags and runs

Large Colour/Texture variety

Resistant to heat, corrosion, impact, and abrasion

Resistant to most chemicals and solvents

Resistant to fading from sunlight

Resistant to scratching, peeling, and cracking

Creates no hazardous or toxic waste

Uses no solvents or thinners

Pollution free


Note: The powder coating process is not restricted to JPK’s own products. If you would like your items powder coated
professionally to your preferred colour please contact us for a quote. As long as the material of the items are metal and
can be transported to our facility in Claregalway.

The “Standard in Stock Colours” are generally the colours that are requested by clients and are kept in stock whereas the “Extra Colour Options” are ordered on demand and subject to a higher price charge. Due to computer display and scanning qualities the colours shown may not be exact match to their RAL code but can be used to give a close impression of what you might require. For information regarding accurate RAL colours applied to JPK products please contact us.